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Allgäu Triathlon


Allgäu, Germany

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I competed in the Allgäu Triathlon in Germany on the Classic distance: 1.9km swim, 86km bike, and 20km run. A legendary race with an incredible atmosphere and a very challenging course.


The swim went very well; I felt strong and powerful, coming out of the water in first place. The bike course consisted of two laps of 42.5km each, with 1200m of positive elevation gain, including three very steep climbs, one of which was a long ascent.
I felt very good, and I was able to attack each climb from start to finish. It was one of my best cycling performances. A competitor caught up with me at the end of the first lap and then stayed ahead.
I started the 20km run under scorching heat, making the effort even more challenging. Despite cooling off throughout, I struggled with the heat. I focused on my technique, and after 10 km, I regained control and was able to accelerate. In the last 5 km, there was an extremely steep ascent in a field, the legendary "Kuhsteig." At the top, I thought I was going to collapse, but the massive cheers from the spectators carried me— it felt like being at the Tour de France! I had never seen anything like it! It was amazing!
I finished 2nd overall in 4:27:22 and 1st in my age group. I am extremely pleased with my effort and this great result. The race has definitely made me stronger. A beautiful race with an incredible atmosphere, and to top it off, a cowbell for the winner – I must say, it was the highlight of the weekend!