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Challenge Peguera Mallorca

Challenge Peguera Mallorca


Peguera, balearic islands

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Challenge Mallorca




The swimming takes place on the beautiful Playa de Torà with two 950m laps. The cycling course is rich in landscapes (mountains, coastline...) and impressive climbs and descents with two 45 km tours along the coast. The run takes place in the heart of Peguera with four laps that alternate between the boulevard and the sea promenade with an impressive view of the sea.


I participated in the Mallorca Challenge for professionals (1.9km swim - 90km bike - 21km run) on the island of Majorca in Spain.

I decided to participate in this race because the level was very high, my competitors had big records (a world champion of semi-iron man, several athletes titled in Iron Man in Hawaii, others on the World triahtlon). I am proud to have been able to compete at such a high level, as the youngest athlete participating in the race and after only one season of triathlon. This allows me to gain experience.

On the swimming part, there were two loops of 950m, after the departure two small groups of head formed. I was leading one of them and came out in 4th place.
The bike course consisted of two 45km loops with 600m of elevation gain each. A very intense course with a lot of relaunching between climb, false flat and straight end. I really loved it despite a backache that bothered me from the second round.
The walking course took place at the seaside, in the hilly streets of Peguera with 4 loops of ~5.2km. The atmosphere was great and I was able to make the most of this moment.

I finished in 14th place pro out of 22 participants at the start, with a time of 4h49. (swimming 25min51 - cycling 2h41 - running 1h37)