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La Tour Genève Triathlon


Geneva, Switzerland

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La Tour Genève Triathlon



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I secured a resounding victory in the race with a time of 4h22’47’, also breaking the women's course record. It was a remarkable progression, improving my time by 25 minutes compared to the previous year on the same course!


I started the swim at 7 am, covering the 1.9km solo. Feeling in my element, I emerged as the leader in 26min 33sec, holding a 1min 45’ lead over the first man. The transition went smoothly, and I took the lead on the bike with 4 loops to complete. Initially, the steep climb in the first lap caused some discomfort and burning in my legs, but I found my rhythm and accelerated in each lap. By the end of the third lap, I was in 3rd position overall. At that point, my goal shifted to racing against the men. I began the run in 4th position among the men, maintaining a solid pace by focusing on my posture, allowing me to sustain my technique throughout the 20km and feel light. Despite the extreme heat, I kept refreshing myself regularly. I increased my pace over the 4 laps and gave it my all until the finish line. I completed the 20km run in 1h19’01’, my best time to date! I won the Geneva Triathlon and secured the 5th position among the men.

I had an absolute blast pushing myself to the limit throughout this beautiful course with a fantastic race atmosphere and organization. I am also fortunate to have had the support of my family and share this victory with them. After a fall last weekend at the Linthathlon, I wasn't sure if I could participate in the Geneva triathlon due to intense foot pain and knee wounds. It was only on Friday that I decided to take part on Sunday. I didn't want to choose the easy way out. The foot pain had reduced to a discomfort, thanks to several physiotherapy sessions with my dad, who helped me get back on my feet, and having given my body several days to regenerate. This shows that even if the preparation in the week before the race wasn't optimal, I had the motivation and the desire to perform at my best. The mental aspect played a significant role in this race and allowed me to push my limits: stepping out of my comfort zone and achieving one of the best races I've ever done! Pure joy, and I'm delighted to see that my sacrifices are paying off; it motivates me for what lies ahead!