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Benken, Switzerland

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I secured my first Swiss champion title in mixed team relay with my "Home of Triathlon" team at Linthathlon. A beautiful moment shared with my teammates.


I participated in the individual super-sprint in the morning and the mixed team relay in the afternoon. In the individual super-sprint, I finished 10th in 24 minutes and 15 seconds. We started in the river, swimming 800m with the current. After my transition, while attempting to mount the bike, I slipped and unfortunately fell. I quickly got back up with scraped feet and knees, following the mantra: keep going. I had fallen, and I couldn't change that, but I had the choice to get up, continue, and fight. Without hesitation, I got back on my bike, chasing and catching up with the group. In the run, I gave it my all, not used to sprinting over such short distances; it was a first for me. In the afternoon, I participated in the mixed team relay. Our "Home of Triathlon" team consisted of my teammates: Arnaud Margot, Julie Derron, Max Studer, and myself. We started in that order. Right from the start, Arnaud delivered a superb performance, passing the relay to Julie in the lead. Thanks to Arnaud, we were in the lead, and each of us continued to widen the gap in turn. I had the honor of anchoring the team and benefiting from the precious lead my teammates had already established. I completed the 200m swim in the river, 4.6km bike leg solo against the clock, and gave everything I had left for my team in the 1.5km run. I had tremendous joy crossing the finish line first with them by my side, securing the Swiss champion title in the mixed team relay in 1h02min59 with a 2min31sec lead over the second team. I loved sharing this moment with my teammates, fighting with them for victory. I learned a lot from these two short-format races and am leaving with more experience and valuable lessons that I will apply in the future.