Salmon broccoli pie



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Salmon broccoli pie

Homemade salmon broccoli pie

On a pastry base, arrange the cooked broccoli in a circle. Mix all the ingredients for the goat cheese stuffing, then pour it over the broccoli. Finally, cover the pie with smoked salmon and sprinkle with grated Gruyère cheese to give a nice crust after baking. Cook the whole 40min at 190° with revolving air in the middle of the oven.

pie dough
🟣 250g of flavour
🟣 100g of butter
🟣 1 egg
🟣 3 tbs. of milk
🟣 1 pinch of salt

🟣 200ml sour cream
🟣 goat cheese chavroux
🟣 3 eggs
🟣 gruyère shredded
🟣 annette
🟣 pepper
🟣 salt

🟣 broccoli
🟣 salmon
🟣gruyère shredded

Salmon broccoli pie

by Alanis Siffert

Posted on

December 11, 2023


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